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Flooring Contractor – Laywell Flooring Ltd End User – Bank Branch – Sheerness


A high street bank in Sheerness required a crucial building upgrade due to health and safety concerns. This required adding Stair Nosings in order to minimise potential slip hazards to their solid marble staircase which previously had no Stair Nosings. There were two major complications for the Contractor. The first being the fitting method, as the stair case was solid marble 8 to 10 heavy duty drill bits would be required to create the fixing points of all the Stair Nosings. The second was timing, as the fitting would need to be completed out of hours and over a single weekend to minimise disruption levels in an extremely busy working office block.

I was impressed with the speed and quality of the product, and I will now look at using Flexyfix adhesive for every nosing job that I get with Quantum Stair Nosings.


The most suitable solution proved to be Quantum Flooring’s SR225R Stair Nosing range with white inserts. This stylish and durable aluminium Stair Nosing is in keeping with the aesthetics of the modern building and had a number of key benefits. SR225R is accommodating to both light and heavy foot traffic areas as well as requiring minimal cleaning maintenance. Quantum Flooring’s representative visited the site to survey the whole job using the unique free Quantum Flooring Specialist Measuring Service which ensures all Stair Nosings are measured accurately and error free which ultimately saved the high street bank money, time and waste. The Stair Nosings were all cut to size and then a site visit was completed to oversee the installation of these Stair Nosings all within a few days. A totally new method of fixing was used to complete the installation of the Stair Nosing using a new adhesive called “Flexyfix”. Flexyfix has an extremely high Grab and a very fast cure time enabling the stair case to be opened to traffic 60 minutes after the last Stair Noising was installed. The use of Flexyfix made the use of screws and drilling redundant. Using this new installation method sped the entire process up massively, with the first 16 Stair Noses being installed in only 28 minutes, one minute 45 seconds for each Stair Nosing. Once the fitter had familiarised himself with the new installation method he completed the remaining 20 steps in a only 28 minutes, a mere one minute 24 seconds per Stair Nosing. There was a single step outside the building that required a Stair Nose fitting, and at the time of the installation the weather was poor with heavy rain. However, because Flexyfix is able to be used in water and damp conditions without any detrimental effect on its performance, the installation continued without delay and without need to dry the step surface. The entire installation was completed in 58 minutes. Significant cost savings were made by using the new Flexyfix installation method. The biggest single cost saving was in the time element of the installation. The job was completed in less than one hour and the contractor had allocated a full working day for two men out of normal hours. Estimated labour cost saving £300. The second largest cost saving was the cost of heavy duty drill bits, approximate cost £100, giving a total saving of around £400.

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