Carpet Grippers

Flexyfixing carpet grippers is the ideal way to speed up your installation. Once the gripper is placed into the adhesive you can begin stretching the carpet within approximately 30 minutes. Flexyfix can be used on all common substrates and it’s clean and easy to apply with no hazardous contents so you dont have any problems using this product in your customer’s house.
Because Flexyfix is a stable adhesive there is no problem with it foaming and moving the trim and thanks to its flexible properties there is less chance that small impacts will cause the bond to break with the trim coming loose.

  • Fast and clean
  • A 2-3mm bead will give approximately 40 linear metres of nosings
  • Ready to go in 20-30 minutes
  • Suitable for use on most substrates that are clean and stable
  • Suitable for use with wood and metal grippers

Installation videos