Fit Out Work

Flexyfix is a high grab adhesive with a very rapid strength build up.
This means that jobs can be fixed and confidently left  in the knowledge that what you fixed is going to stay where you fixed it.

It is the ideal solution for many applications in the fit out business from fixing wall cladding, splash backs worktops shower rails to name but a few uses.
It is now being used in various industries including;

  • Specialist commercial fit outs
  • Kitchen Fitting
  • Sign fixing
  • Boat fit outs
  • Plumbing
  • Jobbing Builders
  • DIY

It can be used in any conditions above 5 deg.. Wet or dry so it’s ideal for fixing shower wall and for plumbing applications, including fixing of bathroom fittings.It is able to stick most materials to almost any surface so this adhesive can be used in most applications where a fast set and strong bond is required.  The adhesive is flexible so it is able to withstand impacts far better than a rigid adhesive such as the ones typically used by many builders and contractors.

Maybe, this is the  the only tube you need to carry.

Advantages of using flexyfix:-

  • Very fast cure rate
  • High grab and strong bond
  • Can be used in varied conditions cold or hot – dry or wet
  • Safe and clean
  • Smears of adhesive are easy to remove

Installation videos